MUSICMAKESMUSIC (MMM) is a non-profit organization that is designed to educate, motivate and inspire students through music. We travel all over the country working with high schools and middle schools, educating students on the importance of: Living a drug free life | Getting involved with music | Continuing their education

We do this by connecting to students on a peer or idol level rather than as authority figures. Our basic philosophy is that students listen to celebrities but what is said isn’t always positive. What we do is bring a full production musical event into schools that connects with teens on their level while delivering positive messages. Because we have an unparalleled ability to get through to students, many schools also use us to promote their own messages. We’ve been used for testing week, Red Ribbon weeks, spirit week, and many more. 

Another unique part of the MUSICMAKESMUSIC program is that we involve as many students as possible in the days’ events. Band, Choir and Orchestra teachers are contacted a month prior to our arrival and given arrangements and MP3’s so their students can perform alongside our musicians. This part of the program has been praised by music teachers as being influential in keeping their students excited about their school’s music programs and a direct result has been higher enrollment in Band, Choir and Orchestra classes. MUSICMAKESMUSIC offers an incredible opportunity to promote each school’s music department and many music teachers now use our program to entice students to join their programs. 


Aside from music students we also involve each school’s stage crew, journalism classes, year book classes and photography classes. On average, more than 150 students from each school are involved in the actual performance portion of the program and the experience they get is second to none. We’ve learned that when students take ownership in the assembly, that pride spreads throughout the entire student body, leading to a much more meaningful experience.

MUSICMAKESMUSIC is beginning it’s sixth year as a national program and the response we’ve received from participating schools has been astounding! We have worked to educate over 250,000 teenagers in more than 300 schools located in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. We are endorsed by cities, school districts and hundreds of principals, teachers and community leaders.


MUSICMAKESMUSIC knows how to reach teenagers on a peer level about the importance of:  

living a drug free life, getting involved with music and continuing their education. 


No one can reach students like we can.  


Teenagers face tough choices and situations while in middle and high school. Unfortunately, teens don’t always have good role models who can help them make smart, healthy decisions. Teens look everywhere trying to find their identity and popular music often plays a big role in telling them how to behave, how to look and how to fit in. Because of the proliferation of social media, these “rockstars,” “rapstars,” celebrities and other famous personalities that teenagers look up to are more accessible than ever before. The influence of celebrity culture is doing so much damage in such a short amount of time by glorifying drugs, alcohol and a general apathy for life. The results are serious and in many cases, long-lasting: increased drug use, higher dropout rates, lack of self-respect, depression, bullying, self-harm, and other detrimental behavior.

Teenagers listen and they emulate. Whether they admit it or not, they crave direction and the validation that what they are feeling is okay. MUSICMAKESMUSIC is able to do just that. We use music as our medium to connect with teenagers on their level about important issues. We bring motivational assemblies into schools disguised as full-production rock shows. The response is absolutely incredible. Because of how we present our information, we are able to break through to teenagers in a unique way and our positive messages come across loud and clear. MUSICMAKESMUSIC has turned countless teenagers away from drugs, has inspired countless teenagers to get involved with music and has motivated countless teenagers not to give up on school.


Schools are offered full day & a half programs that revolve around a 45 minute assembly. The assembly is designed to build credibility with the students. After the performance we visit with students in their classrooms, at lunch, and the remainder of the day.  This vetted process successfully crystallizes our core message.




Exit surveys administered by the schools to hundreds of students found that:







We speak with students not at students.

 We perform with students not simply for students.


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