Sometimes, bullies act the way they do because they are hurting inside or they’re lacking a true sense of love for themselves and so they act out on these feelings on others. It’s incredibly difficult not to take this personally, especially if the actions are physical (hitting) or public (in school, social media).

Here are some tips for dealing with bullies: report the actions to a teacher or counselor. Explain how long the behavior has been going on and what seemed to start it. Also explain that this person probably needs some outside help. We are available to help. We can help the victim by processing and helping them understand the situation while healing the painful effects of bullying. And we can also help the bully to process and heal their past and their hearts so they stop their bullying behaviors.

How to talk to your parents: If you feel safe to do so, the best time to talk with parents about this is now. Don’t wait for another situation to come up. If you’re not sure what to do about the bully (or if you’re the bully) then ask your parents for help to come up with solutions. Your school counselors and teachers should also have resources to help as well. Again, if this is too difficult to bring up to teachers or parents, reach out to us and we can help start the conversation.

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