Substance Abuse

There are quite a few reasons why people abuse substances like drugs, medications, and alcohol. Some reasons may surprise you (genetic, hormonal imbalance, mental health, lack of nutrition, previous life trauma, belief systems). It’s sometimes very difficult to know which of these causes are effecting you, and that’s why we’re here to help.

It’s so easy for others to tell you to just stop, but it’s so difficult when you are unaware of why you do these things. At Pathways, we’ve developed a complete system to help you where the issues are: from the inside. We don’t simply make you “stop” the substance abuse. We understand that these behaviors are symptoms of something else. When we heal the root cause, then we don’t need anything outside of us to feel better.

How to talk to your parents: If you’re struggling with substance abuse, chances are that others in your life are, too. If you feel safe to do so, the best time to talk with parents about this is now. You never know what will happen the next time you abuse the substance. In private, explain that you are abusing the substance or substances and you want help to stop. If it is too difficult to bring this up to your parents, please reach out to us and we can help start the conversation. We can even come to you and work with your family to help understand what you’re going through.

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