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School Program

Great question! The best way to prepare for what happens when we're at your school is to watch THIS VIDEO that goes over an entire day with us.

Yes! This is the most important part of our program. Directly after the performance, our musicians will be available to visit classrooms and speak to the students on a more personal level about the importance of staying drug free, getting involved with music and continuing their education. We will spend the remainder of the day visiting classrooms and reinforcing our core messages. The musicians also have a meet and greet during lunch where students can come say hi, ask any personal questions, get pictures with the band and have an opportunity to purchase Music Makes Music merchandise that will connect them with our messages. Everyone in the program also makes themselves available through the internet and social media after we leave the school.

MUSIC MAKES MUSIC has a dedicated employee who is in charge of getting your music programs ready. We will be in touch with your band, choir and orchestra no later than one month before we arrive to make sure your programs have all the information they need in order to be a part of the assembly.

Yes! The day of the assembly, MUSIC MAKES MUSIC, will ask your front office for any yearbook, journalism or photography classes that would like to get involved. These students will have backstage access to the event and are allowed to document everything. We will also involve your school's stage crew to help with the setup, performance and teardown. When there is no stage crew, many schools will involve their student body officers in the setup, teardown and performance. All the students involved with the performance, setup and teardown have a great time and learn a few new things as well! On average, we involved roughly 150-200 students in our assembly program. This creates a sense of ownership and pride for the students that spreads throughout the school.

Yes! We encourage students to take pictures throughout the day and during the assembly. This is a powerful way to keep our messages in front of them long after we've left your school.

Yes!  MUSIC MAKES MUSIC does not promote this, however, it is a huge part of our operating budget and it's directly tied to our ability to keep costs down for schools. During lunch, students are able to purchase items that will connect them with our cause - i.e. bracelets, guitar picks, stickers, posters, t-shirts, buttons, etc.  If schools want to help our program succeed, one of the biggest things they can do is promote this for us the week before we arrive. Students will wish they had a couple dollars to purchase items anyways, so this works out great for everyone!

We can perform in a gym, however, it is definitely preferable to have the performance in an auditorium. We would even prefer to do two assemblies in an auditorium versus one in a gym because we can better control the sound, lighting and visibility of our performers. Though an auditorium is preferable, nearly half of our assemblies are in gyms, so we're good at that too!

No. MUSIC MAKES MUSIC is completely self contained and travels with all of our own sound and lighting equipment. All we ask from the schools is that the area has plenty of electricity (a minimum of six outlets and two 20amp circuits) and is free from ambient light.This means any skylights in gyms or auditoriums need to be blacked out upon our arrival.

Music Makes Music relies heavily on our light and laser show. One of the elements we use to enhance this experience is theatrical smoke. If your smoke alarms are sensitive, necessary steps should be made before the assembly so smoke alarms will not activate during the performance.

MUSIC MAKES MUSIC does not charge a specific amount for our assemblies. We do this so that schools who aren't well off can still have us and schools that are well off can help us out more. We do have a small minimum donation that is required and it is different for different areas of the country. The best way to find out how much it will cost your school is to contact us.

Absolutely! Our insurance policy covers us in all the states we work in and is available upon request.

It’s simple. Just reach out to us via email or call us.


MMM receives contributions from donors, sponsors, school donations and by selling merchandise online and at events.

All contributions go right back into our school programs. They are directly used to make our program better and to continue operating.

You can make amonetary contribution, donate items that can help us continue/promote our case, i.e. musical instruments, office equipment, old vehicles, etc., donate promotional materials that can be used for prizes, or just donate your time and help at the events. You can also help by spreading the word! The more people know about our program, the better!